Welcome to the Bassetlaw Health Website.

This website which is funded by Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning group ( CCG ), provides a gateway in to local voluntary and community services. The online directory encourages and promotes self-care for patients.

By encouraging patients to navigate the wealth of support services available we can reduce the pressure in health and care services by connecting the public and patients with quality assured community services.

Your one stop shop for support, information, advice on health & wellbeing related matters and services. Users can quickly search to find the bext support available locally to meet their needs by searching via category or specific need or medical condition

If you would like your organisation to be included in this directory of services, please contact the Partnership Officer at BCVS 01909 476118 ext to discuss the information required.

Emergency Care - If you are experiencing chest pains or in a life threatening emergency ring 999 for assistance

NHS 111 - for urgent medical advice and help that is not an emergency - ring 111

Bassetlaw GP - Out of Hours Service - http://bit.ly/2qxBkkO

Out-of-Hours Medicines - http://bit.ly/2pjn8ir

Bassetlaw Community And Voluntary Service - www.bcvs.org.uk

Insight Healthcare - https://www.insighthealthcare.org/

Changepoint Weight Management Service - http://www.everyonehealth.co.uk/nottinghamshire-county-council/

CAsh - Contraception & Sexual Health - http://www.dbh.nhs.uk/our_services/Womens_and_Maternity/Genito_Urinary_Medicine_and_Sexual_Health.aspx

GP Surgeries in Bassetlaw - http://www.locallife.co.uk/bassetlaw/sitesearch.asp

Current Campaigns

NEW: How to Cope in Warm Weather - http://bit.ly/2sldGrG

NEW for 2017 Text your school Nurse for Confidential health Advice & Support - 07507 329 952 https://www.healthforteens.co.uk/

NEW for 2017 Kooth.com - https://kooth.com/ Young People's online Counselling Service

NEW for 2017 Sleep Support for Parents - http://bit.ly/2oWZsAg

Choose Well Self Care - http://bit.ly/2p7IStE

How to Stop Smoking - http://bit.ly/2eJFQWs

The Benefits of Volunteering - http://bit.ly/1M6QVtV

Care Services in Your Home - http://bit.ly/1ZX9wTz




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